pearl drop long vintage earrings


This trendy fashion pearl drop long vintage earrings are made from reclaimed pearl beads from the 1940's. These earrings are one of a kind. They're a great gift for the classic, indie, stylish girl. The earrings are one-of-a-kind. Wear them with a sparkly gold and black sequin top, a black leather skirt, or a velvet jumpsuit with a plaid jacket. The feminine earrings paired with the androgynous style make a killer outfit. 


Sitting around a campfire.
You wrap your knit sweater a little tighter as the animals crunch through the trees. 
Smelling the air of sweet forests and bonfires. 
Dirt between her shoes.
You and him collected leaves, rocks and sticks all day in the warm sun.
Everyone is so charmed by the way she tosses her hair and her sparkly earrings swing in the breeze. 


- made from vintage pieces from the 1940's 
- gift wrapped ready to give
- any pieces can be made shorter/longer
- listing is 1 pair of earrings only 
- made in Toronto, Canada
custom orders welcome CONTACT US. 

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