Light blue and yellow bead bracelet GOLDEN REINS

$16.00 $32.00

This bracelet is made from 1940's and 50's antique yellow and blue pearl and plastic beads. Restyled, redesigned and recycled for the modern day girl who loves bright, bold, fun summer colours. She loves wandering through the busy city streets and window shopping and meeting up with friends at the local coffee shop to sit outside on the patio under the umbrella. She laughs a lot and drinks coffees on the regular with dollops of whip cream. She's the fashion forward girl who loves brights and summer. 

- made from vintage 1940's and 50's recycled pieces 
- gift wrapped ready to give
- any pieces can be made shorter/longer
- listing is 1 bracelet
- made in Toronto, Canada
- wear with cut off jean shorts and crop tops
custom orders welcome CONTACT US. 

Our new Summer 2016 collection is called Summer Sol. This collection of jewellery is for the fashion forward, mermaid seeking, sun soul woman. You can wear these necklaces, bracelets and earrings with your toes in the sand, sharing laughs by the pool and celebrating the season on a patio. 

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