"Hattitude Jewellery has been a staple for my everyday clothing,  so when it came to choosing wedding jewellery I didn't have a hard choice!    Working with Hattitude Jewellery to create custom jewellery for my bridesmaids was amazing. When I first contacted Hattie I had no idea what I wanted, but after giving her details about the girls, their dress styles and our wedding colours, she was so helpful and provided me with lot's of options and styles to choose from, and made the entire process so easy.   The girls, my mother and mother-in-law, were all given a matching bracelet, and either custom earrings or a custom vintage necklace (which were packaged beautifully, I might add).  Everyone LOVED their new jewellery, and tell me that since the wedding it has become an essential part of their wardrobe.  I remember my aunt pulled me aside during my wedding day and said, "Where did you get those necklaces that the girls are wearing, they are beautiful and I want one!".  Hattitude Jewellery was the perfect gift for the ladies in my life that mean the most to me, and I was so happy with the gorgeous custom jewellery she was able to make for them.  Thank you!!" - Cassie Frost, 2015

real brides of hattitude jewellery

hattitude jewellery packaging for summer brides
"I have been looking over your beautiful jewellery and I am in love with so many pieces!! You are so talented!! I feel so fortunate to have met you and to be working with you... Thanks so Much! You are the best! Working with you has been so much fun!! The little details make it so special! The special bag for my necklace!! I love it!! And can't wait to wear it!! My jewelry was amazing for the wedding and I got So many compliments on my bracelet! My jewellery was beautiful and I loved both pieces and my Mom Loved her earrings." Lisa Lindsay - 2014

"Oh my gosh Hattie! They are gorgeous!!! All of the pieces are gorgeous. Thank you so very very much. I love them and I'm sure my ladies are going to love them just as much as I do :)" - Sabrina Truttman - 2014 

" The earrings look amazing!!!!! omg one week away!!! eekkkkk..... (mini panic attack). Can't wait to wear them! The jewelry was amazing!! thank you" - Sylwia Vanzella - 2013

"The night before our big wedding day, my mom surprised me with a one-of-a-kind vintage bow neckalce from Hattitude special. Something I will never forget and without question keep close to my little heart!!!! Thanks agian designer Hattie Dunstan xoxoxox" - Kelly Bowman- 2012

"Working with Hattie was one of the easiest components to planning my wedding. I told her the colour scheme of my wedding, how many bracelets I needed and trusted her with the rest. she didn't let me down. I had a unique iece to give each of my brdiesmaid and they loved their one-of-a-kind wedding gift. The pieces are practical. I know I still wear my bracelet at leas once a week with dresses, or blouses and dress pants to work. I've neber been happier to support a local business." - Melissa Milonow- 2012

" I absolutely love them! You did a wonderful job and I think the girls are going to look even more amazing! I love that you took a photo with a dress on that is the same as the girls! tou are amazing. thank you so much for all of this, you are incredibly talented and such a wonderful person to work with!!! Erin McCool - Will-  2012

"My wedding was in Mexico, so I wanted something different, something suited for a beach wedding. After speaking with her, Hattie understood muy visiton and custom designed 3 gorgeous pieces, earrings, a necklace and a bracelet each which reflected that vision perfectly. she wwas able to captuire dthe eact tone/mood I was looking for and expressed it perfectly with a unique combination of colour, charms and style...I recieved endless compliemnts and will cherish these pieces forever." Dannielle B.- 2011


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