an english inspired outfit October 24 2013

Crown Jewels necklace click here
Sweater: Winners
Kilt: Thrifted, Chez thrift, bolton
Necklace: Hattitude jewels
Collared shirt: Thrifted
Boots: Town shoes
Hat: Queen st. west, Toronto

It's now turned from summer heat wearing dresses to wearing my fleece tights, my kilts and warm sweaters! It sure was chilly today - 5 degrees! brrr. 

This is a Europe inspired outfit. I just got back from spending two weeks in England. I just adore this floppy hat. Something about putting on a floppy hat and instantly your outfit goes from a 1950's grandmother's outfit and turns into a modern day fashion look. High boots are also important in this type of look. If you don't have knee high boots, that is shame and that must be remedied for this season! I think high boots modernize any outfit and are great for longer wool skirts, that COULD be frumpy but updates them to be stylish.
The three patterns on this outfit all work well together because they are either small pattern or they have a lot of cream or solid colour background to compliment it. Throwing on a statement necklace is also important when trying to modernize pullover sweaters and below the knee length skirts. Statement necklaces look awesome over collared shirts and pull over sweaters or cardigans. Do the buttons right up, leave your shirt un-tucked and wear a long cardigan with a statement necklace from my online shop with some jeans for a more casual look if you don't think you can pull of this english inspired outfit. 

Are you all ready for Halloween? Tristan and I are decorating this weekend. We are having a halloween party and the guest of honours are Mr. and Mrs. skeleton and their family. They'll be residing at our dinner table for the evening. (Can you tell I love halloween and can't wait for next weekend's party, strobe lights, fog machine, dry ice, guts, blood and more!) 

Tristan and I are having some troubles figuring out what we should be. Here's our last two year outfits. 
What are you going as? Do you celebrate halloween? What was your favourite costume you ever dressed up as?
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