happy first day of summer! June 21 2013

Outfit Details: 
Shorts: Vintage, my moms 
Shirt: Clothing swap
Barette: Vintage
Necklace: Available in my shop here

In honour of the first day of summer, here's a very nautical themed outfit. I hand made this necklace and is one of a kind made from a vintage clip on earrings. Isn't it fun for the summer? Treat yourself to this awesome piece for the beach! 

I took these photos at a church by my condo building. I always get so nervous doing outfit photos. Sometimes I get a lot of stares and questions. At least if people ask me questions, it's better then the stares I can then explain to them, "well I'm a style blogger. I run a jewellery company where I showcase outfits on how to wear the necklaces." Even after a year and a half it still makes me nervous sometimes. So I always like when I find a secret alley way, or alcove that I can take photos alone in. This was pretty private by a beautiful old church with a neat little stair case going up the one side, which I immediately thought would be neat to give the photos different heights. 

I'm in bed sick today (took these photos yesterday). Can you believe the first day of summer and I have a cold? I hope your day is going better then mine. Do you have any weekend plans? 
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