singing in the rain (or snow) March 22 2013

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Outfit details:
Poncho: Kling
Pants: Vintage
Hat: borrowed from a friend
Brooch: Vintage, gift

Hello lovely blogettes and fellow fashionista readers! I'm in love with this poncho my boyfriends mother gave to me for Christmas. It kind of looks like I'm singing in the rain (or snow) with the hat and poncho style? She got the poncho all the way from Spain! How neat is that? Have you ever check out kling clothing. They have the coolest items. I was lucky enough to get a few for Christmas! 
I love pairing something vintage with something new. The pants are vintage, the poncho new. It creates a more modern fun look without looking frumpy dumpy. I also LOVE the little brooch I pinned on the poncho. It's a basket full of CATS! My older brother bought me it for christmas. So cute. All in the details, right? 

I'm back from the beautiful Barbados. It was such a lovely trip. It's so funny how you just feel SO much healthier down south then cold Canada. We are so stationary here with all this snow and freezing weather. I was hoping when I got back Spring would be here. This is not the case, in fact it seems winter is dragging it's deep claws a little more for a little longer. It's already snowed every day since we've been back (three days ago). 

Two BIG pieces of news 
1. my dear childhood friend got engaged a month or two ago and is getting married this summer. I get the honour of standing up beside her as her bridesmaid. I'm so excited. She is such a dear friend. What a fun summer filled with weddings, working on the jewellery for bridal parties (click here to see my bridal boutique) AND attending them. 
2. My boyfriend got his dream job! He is now a field technician for the Ontario Archeology Museum. It's such a great opportunity and what a wonderful experience. He was offered the job on the spot after the interview... how often does that happen?! So proud of him! He's been working SO hard the last year and a half taking courses in archeology and trying to get in to this field. All he needs now is the hat and the whip, Indian Jones styles. 

What did I miss in your lives? Looking forward to catching up on the blogosphere world this weekend! 

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