snap shots of my apartment February 26 2013

Here's a little sneak in to our apartment. Snap shots of our first place we have called home together. We've been here about seven months and I just LOVE the place. I did not post any of our bedroom (my favourite decorated room in the house!) or my studio. I'll have to post those next week. I love taking peeks into other people's lives and homes. Hope you enjoy these tidbits. 

Curling was a huge success on the weekend! You know you're Canadian when, eh? Has anyone else curled? It's actually really fun and challenging! I have a huge bruise on my elbow from it. Curling can get intense!

Neat fact for this week, we leave for Barbados in exactly 14 days. Gosh I am so excited. Follow me on instagram @hattitudejewels for all the latest outfit finds that I'm taking on our trip! I can't wait to go South. Did you sneak away for a little vacation this winter? Living in London, Ontario right in the snow belt this year has proved that I need a sunny destination ASAP! It is ALWAYS snowing here. 
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