how to find the perfect gift for your bridesmaids? February 04 2013

hattitude wedding from Hattie Du on Vimeo.

Are you a future bride to be? Recently engaged? Do you want a unique gift for your bridesmaids? 
Here's how to find the perfect piece of jewelry...

1. are you a vintage loving girl?
2. what are the neck lines of your bridesmaid dresses?
3. what is your budget for the jewelry?
4. what is your colour palette for your wedding?
5. do you want to custom make your own pieces to give your girls?
6. Do you love to shop and support handmade/local?

Once you have answered all those questions you can browse my etsy shop. for a preview of some ideas of what your gifts to your bridesmaids can look like. You can pick and chose, mix and match pieces, colours and textures to make the perfect necklace, bracelet or earrings. I custom make items to fit your colour palette and type of bridesmaid you have. You can even get yourself a similar necklace or bracelet to go with your bridesmaids to wear on your special day! 
Click here for my online bridal shop!
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