black and white and snow all over? January 13 2013

outfit details:
Sweater dress: banana republic
Jacket: vancouver fashion blogger swap
Belt: thrifted
Hair piece: gift from england
Boots: Sentamentalist, London, ON
Ah this warm weather has been beautiful for taking outfit shots outside! I am glad though that it will be returning to below 0 degrees tomorrow. I am missing the snow! Can you believe it? It just doesn't seem right to be outside in a blazer in January, in Ontario, Canada. 

This weekend, we got recommended to this really cool bar in London, Ontario called milos'. They play looney tune retro tv... enough said? They also have boardgames including operation, one which I must play sometime soon. How were your weekends? Mine has been filled with wires, pliers, rhinstones, pearls and gems. Making lots of items for the london bridal show next weekend. Check out my facebook page or twitter for updates. Have a lovely Sunny Sunday! 
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