a polar bear belongs in the winter November 29 2012

What I wore: 
Sweater: F21
Blouse: Thrifted, Chez thrift in Bolton
Skirt: Thrifted, Chez Thrift in Bolton
Suspenders: Value Village

How cute it this little polar bear sweater? I went shopping last weekend. My wardrobe was feeling dead and needed some inspiration again. I saw this little guy and fell in love. He's so cute. I got some other golden gems so hopefully will be posting some more photos. It wasn't that chilly today so I snapped a few out door photos. 
I was in Caledon this week for studio hours www.GotHattitude.com and some doctor appointments. Ever had a colonoscopy? Not fun friends. Not fun. 

I was decorating my grandmothers house last night with my sister cuz. Here are some photos of what we did. It's always a treat decorating her place. It's nice, we've kind of started a Christmas tradition. We all had dinner together and cut some fresh greener and spruced it up for her party. 

I'm back to London tomorrow to work in the studio on more jewellery. 
I'm having studio shop hours on Sunday December 9th from 1- 4pm in Caledon East, for anyone that can't make the Tuesday evening shop hours.

If you have a chance I invite you to check out my online store. It's filled with pretty and unique things. Check out the under $30 category if your looking for a gift for a secret santa :) 
If you see anything you like email your wish list to hattitudewishlist@gmail.com and the gifter and name who you would like to receive your list (boyfriend, mom, dad, brother etc). You'll be entered to win an item on your wish list! BONUS. 
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