Remembrance Day November 11 2012

Today is Remembrance Day. 

Walking down to see the march in the downtown core was so powerful. It was amazing to see everyone out to celebrate and remember. It was pretty neat to see that almost every person was wearing a poppy (a symbol we wear to represent Flander's Field, and commemorate those who died in the wars). 

At 11 o'clock a jet flew over where the hundreds of people had congregated to remember. It was all very moving to remember all the men and women who gave their lives so that we can have everything we have. We can walk down the street, walk through the park, be with who we want and have our freedoms which we take for granted every day. 
In honour of Remembrance Day we started watching 'Band of Brothers'. It's astounding what these men went through during the war. It's a horrible and devastating show. It's quite a powerful representation of World War II. 
Hope you all took a moment today to remember all the lives that fought for our freedoms and what incredibly brave souls were lost.
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