a new locket in the shop October 30 2012

What I wore: 
Shoes: Chez Thrift
Tights: American Apparel
Blazer: Club Monaco
Sweater dress: Hannahs Closet
Locket necklace: Coming to my shop soon!
boy is it hard finding a place to take photos since Hurricane Sandy decided to breeze near London, ON. I'm glad to hear no one has been too tragically hit by her. Keeping those in mind that have been hit by her and supporting the Red Cross.
I took these photos wondering around the inside of my building. The rooftop lounge, the alleyway to outside etc. It's hard getting the lighting and for it not to be blurry, yet still light enough. Any tips for shooting indoors? 
Tonight we're going to the Lost Souls Stroll. Which is a theater group, Fringe putting on a haunted walk throughout downtown. I'm so excited. I LOVE Halloween. 

P.s. I just got a new iphone 5...never owned one before. Any tips or tricks or cool apps I should be downloading let me know! I'm slowly working my way through it. Add me to instagram for cute photos of my cat and of course to see where the magic happens in my studio @hattitudejewels

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