reduce, reuse, recycle October 19 2012

What I wore: 
Jacket: Thrifted
Shirt: Lilith, Queen St. Toronto
Tights: Betsey Johnson
Dress: turned skirt, Urban Outfitters

We saw David Suzuki (Canadian environmentalist) last night at the Western University, with former Chief economist of CIBC, Jeff Rubin talking about The End of Growth. When you get an economist backing up an environmentalist you know it has a bit more punch, or credit with the masses coming from his mouth. 

It was a very interesting lecture talking about how our economy cannot keep growing at the rate we've been growing at. Rubin believes all the dips in the economy in the last 50 or 60 years have been caused by the oil price spikes. How the middle east wars are affecting us, in the west, increasing the oil crisis. Because of globalization we feel the affects when the middle east has a war. Suzuki was saying how silly human beings are that our first priority as humans is not the right to clean air (we're polluting it horrendously with all the factories and 'things' we have to own) and our right to natural food (we're poisoning it with all the pesticides and toxins used) our first priority seems to be all about possessions and how many things we can own. 

In south American they have actually institutionalized a constitution where the animals, fish, plants and trees have rights, just like humans. There was an oil company dumping into a river, and an american couple who was living in this country (in south america, pardon me, I forget the name of it) actually sued the oil company on behalf of the river. The couple of course did not get any money, but they won, and the company had to restore the river to it's natural state. The river in that country is viewed as having just as much rights as humans,  they've put it in their constitution.  Isn't that wild? How did we as humans become so high and mighty thinking we can just keep taking and taking? 
Sure makes me feel good about always shopping from thrift stores! 

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