Happy thanksgiving canadians! October 08 2012

Happy Thanksgiving everyone (Canadians!). Is this time of year not just STUNNING. I can't get enough of the scenic drives and all the beautiful colours. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves with Turkey, stuffing, squash and pumpkin pie! My favourite treat for this time of year, apple sauce jello. Sounds strange, but it's THE best. Do you have an odd family tradition for thanksgiving?

 Enjoy the day. I am so thankful for my wonderful friends, my amazing family and my awesome dude. I am so thankful for organ donors, being able to breathe, technology and modern science! What a wonderful era we live in. What are you thankful for?
p.s. for those who read my last post, "I can see the pines are dancing" is a song by A.A. Bondy...I was not referencing the maple tree in the background of my photos confusing it with a pine tree ha 

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