mustard fall jackets September 26 2012

What I wore
Rings: Gifts, flea markets
Jacket: Club Monaco
Skirt: Winners
Scarf: Clothing Swap
Sweater: Winners
AH! I'm back to the ol' curly hair. It's fun having straight hair for a few days. Do you have a hair style you only do once in a blue moon that changes your look so drastically that sometimes people don't recognize you? ha 

I've been trying to scout out areas around my new place in London, Ontario, of where I can shoot my outfits, and jewellery from my shop come the winter months! London, Ontario is RIGHT in the snow belt...meaning a TON of snow. I won't be able to take photos outside as easily as I did last winter when I was out in Vancouver. I hope I don't freeze a chilly freeze this winter! 

 Unfortunately you can't see my jewellery due to the fact that it was too cold. Check it out in my online shop by clicking here.

I'm in love with this mustard jacket. As most of you know mustard is my favourite colour. I almost had my mom convinced to paint the colours of the cottage mustard grey and white. Trust me...they all go fantastic together in a room. Check out the bedroom below. I just LOVE it. What's your favourite colour palette? 
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