rompin' around September 12 2012

Romper: thrifted
Vest: thrifted
Loafers: Walking on a cloud
Jewellery: Hattitude Jewellery 
How this outfit came to be Hattified: It was very hot out today. This jean vest seemed to add a little punch to the outfit....but in all seriousness it's Hattified due to the jewels. You gotta rock the accessories to have a smashing outfit I think, especially in the hot weather when it's hard to do the layers. 

Why it works: The shoes say it all. I'm a die hard fan of loafers. I should probably be investing in some more. 

Another version: For Fall, the more chillier nights, pair it with a jean jacket, and some black tights, put on some black ankle booties and you have a killer look for autumn! 

Tomorrow I am headed back to Toronto to style a photo shoot. There is three locations and I get to design and conjure up three different outfits for each shoot. It's basically my dream job. You get to dress up real life barbie dolls in all sorts of clothes. It was a lot of fun dreaming up what should be worn with each outfit. My favourite was doing the jewellery. I think it's so important to every outfit. It's all in the details...the little details that can take an okay outfit, to a great outfit. 

Also... guess what? My condo building has...a community herb garden! How cute is that? I'm not sure whether I can use it yet...but I mean it's right there by the visitors I don't see why not?

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