Betty Draper style for Fall August 30 2012

Shirt: Vintage dress
Pants: Vintage
Belt: Mothers
Loafers: Walking on a cloud
Necklace: Shadow of the Wind, Available in my shop here

I love bringing back my high waisted pants for the fall. I'm especially loving the peak-a-boo ankles this season, cropped high waisted pants around the ankles. What is it about loafers that make me feel so good?

I've been watching a LOT of Mad Men. I'm currently obsessed! I started watching season 1 last week and am already on to season 2. (I know how could I have NOT watched Mad Men until this summer?!) I absolutely am in love with the fashions. I was downtown Toronto yesterday and went vintage shopping for some 50's or 60 dresses, I figure I'll dumb them down with a jean jacket and some converse shoes, or cowboy boots. But they are just all SO pretty. I also love Betty Draper's casual looks. Gosh her pants and sweaters are out of this world! The early 60's is my inspiration for Autumn this year. I'm going to try to emulate the 'Betty Draper'. 

How has your last week been? I feel as if I have a million things to do, and only 7 more days to do it in! Don't forget next Tuesday and Wednesday is the studio shop hours for Hattitude jewellery. Come by and see the new designs. Spruce up your accessories wardrobe with some new Autumn jewels! Check out my twitter or my facebook page for updates.