Go Karting 101 August 27 2012

Shirt: Gift from India
Shoes: Vancouver shoe store
Shorts: Thrifted jeans, DIY
belt: mom's
hair clip: gift from England
bag: Midland clothing store
necklace: Hattitude jewellery 

Summer is ending...Autumn is right around the corner. The last of the summer sun sets, summer swims, and summer sand castles is drawing near.  
We got to the go karts, the batting cages AND we managed to move in to our new apartment in London, Ontario last week. (Every time I say "I'm moving to London" people get so excited...then they realize it's just Ontario).
Our move went fairly well. Tristan did almost all of it himself. He managed to carry a queen size bed all by himself! Incredible Hulk?

I still have my entire wardrobe (gosh knows, that's going to take a whole truck just in itself!) and bead working studio to pack up (don't worry the regular showroom studio will still be in Caledon East for purchases).

What are some of your last minute summer plans you're trying to cram in before September arrives? Have you heard if we are going to have a hot September yet?
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