FREESHIPPING sale August 10 2012

These photos are from a few days ago. It's been raining non-stop here for the last few days. Great for the gardens, not so good for working on jewellery, photographing and blogging. 
Today consists of finishing The Shadow of the Wind, which is a fabulous mystery novel, and seeing the last Batman movie. Perfect for a rainy day eh?
skirt: thrifted, salvation army, Guelph
Shirt: Yours Now Mine clothing store, Bolton
Necklace: Available here in my jewellery shop

We have not seen the kittens since it started raining all day, every day, a few days ago. We have 5 now! 5 little kittens that frolic and play and run through the garden. If anyone wants a new kitten, they are mighty cute! Although we did find Nolan a home. He so desperately wants to be a house cat! I'm so glad we found him a lovely place to stay. 

How about because it's raining...and because it's the weekend...and because we have new kittens...a
sale in my jewellery shop? 
FREESHIPPING when you use the discount code until Sunday evening! 
Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy shopping!