$7600 was raised! July 25 2012

Acid washed jean jacket: vintage
hat: clothing swap
skirt: vintage (altered), chez thrift
Necklace: Available here in my shop

We've started taming the kittens. Little Rascal and Nala (Found out the black one is a girl) are coming up and munching away on the kitten food I bought them yesterday. Nala lets us hold her, but Rascal will have none of it, but he is getting used to our voices. 
My Dad says no more cats in the house (we already have two!)...mom keeps bringing Nala inside. Kitten: 1....Dad: 0

The Caledonstock fundraiser from the other weekend, raised over $7500! How crazy is that? That money will do some wonderful and amazing things for the Cystic Fibrosis community and the lung transplant programs. Thank you again to everyone who came. It means the world to every one of us who suffers from CF. 

It's half way through the week! ...
But I'm cheating and taking some holidays this week. Expect outfit posts of me up at the cottage. Baby brother is back from fighting fires (yes fellow bloggerittes gasp and awe and oggle...he's a 6'3 forest fire fighter...blonde and jacked? and single...all a big sis wants is a nice girl for him ha) and we're rendezvousing at the cottage. What are your plans for the week? Have you ever tried to sell your brother on the internet as a date? ha!