Stray Kittens July 24 2012

Here's some new jewellery up on the website! There's tons more being added tonight. 
Happy Christmas in July shopping (because everyone needs presents every six months! ha)
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In other news...we have baby kittens! I saw a stray grey cat on our property when I came home from Vancouver in May, and thought that cat is lookin' mighty fine preggers, but that was the last of her! 
All summer long from my apartment bedroom I kept hearing these little mews, or so I thought. We put some food outside this morning, and low and behold 4 babies came out of the forest with their mother! The rest are wild as can be, 2 greys and a tabby, but this little black gal, I dubbed her Rafiki (for now) stuck around. She was just content playing by herself. I hope her mama didn't abandon her. She's been known to be a bad mama cat in the past (we found her with 3 dead kittens, a few days old, 2 years ago in the barn).

I hope your Tuesday morning was as great as mine was waking up!