cottage thrifting July 09 2012

shirt: found at cottage
skirt: thrifted
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I hope everyone had a heavenly weekend. This necklace is named after the amazingly, whimsical and strangely romantic, moonrise kingdom move. If you have not seen it, go see it! 
Has anyone see the last waltz, with m\Michelle Williams? I've been thinking about going to see it and would love to hear some reviews. 

These photos were taken at the cottage. I tried to get in a little bit of our paradise in the photos. It was a bit chilly (I know, right? with the heat we've been having, how dare I type that!) so I threw on an old shirt I found in the closet of my mom's. I think she may use this for gardening? Cottage thrifting at it's finest. That's one of the great things about the first few weekends heading up to the cottage, (besides the fresh corn on the cob, but that only comes in August) is finding everything old, yet new to you again that you had left there over the previous year. 
Wait untill you see the red polka dot shorts I found at the cottage, in my outfit post for tomorrow. Swoon!
Enjoy your monday coffee! 
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