wreaking ball in a summer dress June 21 2012

Dress: Paper people clothing, Toronto
Earrings: Hattitude jewellery
Bracelet: Hattitude jewellery  

This dress is so whimsical isn't it? It's lovingly made from all vintage scarves. A girl in Toronto takes old clothes and re loves them in to fabulous new items to wear. 
I love this dress. I'm constantly twirling, bobbing and frolicking in it. Isn't it funny how a certain dress can make you dance and move a certain way?

I'm off to London, Ontario tomorrow to show my Gma and mom my new apartment me and Tristan snagged. I have not seen it in a few weeks and cannot wait to see it again. It's so lovely. I almost (almost!) want it to be September so we can move all of our digs in. 
I'm taking two classes at the college there, sewing design and photography, both which will help me in future endeavours with my business...oh how I dream of designing my own clothes some day.

I also wanted to announce, I now have studio hours. You can come and browse the jewellery, shop for birthday gifts, or bring your summer dress and match some accessories to it: the first Tuesday and Wednesday of every month. The studio hours are from 4-8pm. Come see where I work and browse the latest pieces of jewellery.