tips on how to rock an outfit, in the summer June 13 2012

Dress: Chez Thrift, Bolton
Necklace: Hattitude jewellery 
Hat: Winners 

Here are my 4 tips for making your outfit pop in the summer months when you cannot layer on the clothes to make a rockin' outfit.

1. belts are your best friend. 

2. candy is not only tasty...but arm candy (tons of bracelets) also look wicked awesome layered up in the summer (a ring party doesn't hurt either)

3. a unique and one of a kind necklace (if your stuck for those or just want a new one check out does wonders for any outfit.  

4. a quirky fedora, sun hat or head scarf are all ways to give an outfit some character

These 4 tips can help take your outfit from drab to fab!

Busy busy busy bee! My show is in 3 days. Hope to see you on Saturday at my open house.
Click here to see some of the jewels. Some of the new pieces are not up on the website and will be premiering at the show.