little tots and swimming holes June 11 2012

skirt: thrifted
shoes: shoepper
vest: thrifted, chez thrift
hair band: clothing swap

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! How great was that heat yesterday?
I spent it hunting at used furniture stores for my apartment in london...I mainly ended up with vintage pieces for my jewellery. Wait till you see the stuff I dream up this week in my shop. 

 We watched Super 8 the movie. Have you seen it? Any vintage lovers of the 70's era and the LOST series need to see this movie. It's really quite charming.

We played baseball with a gang of us on Sunday and then went swimming with my man friend's nephews (3, 4 and 10 years). The little tots are the best to play in the pool with, minus the ear clogged from a water gun spray. They're at the age where you have to teach them not to run around the deck, not to pee in the pool (this one is key) and not to take off their water wings, for fear they'll sink to the bottom of the pool. They make swimming a little more exciting :) 

Enjoy this heat wave we've been having! Summer is finally here!