Fallen Warrior June 06 2012

dress: Vintage 
Shoes: grade 8 graduation
belt: american apparel 
shirt: chez thrift
bag: thrifted from my mom
earrings: available in my shop
necklace: available online in my shop

I had originally put clod hopper mustard runners on, but I thought it was too much, so switched to my old grade 8 graduation shoes...I'm not a hoarder, am I? ha

Below is the necklace I'm wearing for this outfit shoot. It's a one of a kind hand designed necklace
It has new stones and an old earring as the pendants with new chain. Purchase the matching earrings and receive 10% off your order! 

See the matching earrings for this set. They're made with beads from Barbados. 
Check them out in my shop here. 
* note all earrings for sale in my shop, are cleaned with alcohol after worn for photo shoot
** necklaces are mostly worn only for photo shoot so customers can see what outfits to pair them with