a vintage bow themed bridal party June 03 2012

Shoes: Vintage
Tights: american apparel 
Tutu skirt: clothing swap 
Top: Dress, thrifted, chez thrift
Belt: Mother's
Necklace: Purchase the necklace in my online SHOP
the future bride to be
 tissue paper brides
fancy ladies
I went to a lovely bridal shower today! The theme was 'vintage bow'. I wore 4 bows.
Can you find them all? 
It was such a great day! I loved meeting all my friend's bridal party. They decked out the party room in their condo to the nines. What a spread it was. I'm so happy for my friend and can't wait for the actual big day. What a great girl! 

How was your weekend?

I am headed to my warehouse supplier tomorrow afternoon to pick up some new supplies for my jewellery. If you have any requests for something chain etc you would love Hattitude to start using, let me know! I go tomorrow!