pale shades of floral May 30 2012 1 Comment

Necklace: Coming SOON (as in tomorrow, thumbs up) in my SHOP
Shirt: Chez Thrift, Bolton
Jeans: American Eagle
Shoes: Converse
Earrings: Coming SOON (tomorrow too) in my SHOP
* note all earrings for sale in my shop, are cleaned with alcohol after worn for photo shoot
** necklaces are mostly worn only for photo shoot so customers can see what outfits to pair them with

How this outfit came to be Hattified: I wanted to wear this pretty little floral pastel top. What better way to Hattify it then to pair it with all white and put some neon shoes with it. The shoes put it right on par with being totally Hattified. Put in a little hair flower, presto.

Why this outfit works: It works because of all the white, white tank top, white shoes, white hair flower. The green neon shoes although in a different colour palette are still green like the shirt which at certain points has neon in it as well.

Another version: Try it with a jean skirt, with your blouse tied up around your waist. Kick it with some white ked shoes or tennis shoes to change the converse shoe look up.

Tomorrow we are going to get our keys to our new apartment! I am so excited. Beautiful windows, an older condo building, right near the park. I am beginning to fall in love with London (Ontario). Who knew? The best part about our apartment besides the wrap around windows in living room/kitchen.... they have gutted a 4 story victorian home beside the condo building and turned it in to a swimming pool attached to the condo building. All the original windows, the old brick work is all exposed and beautiful in this swimming area! It's going to be a fun day tomorrow. We're even moving some new furniture in that we've collected at flea markets and thrift stores this spring.