Guest Post Blogger - Kathy May 19 2012

Hello Hattitude Style Blog readers! Guest blogger Kathy here from My Peach Days blog. Hattie kindly invited me to do a guest post in her blog a few weeks ago but have just gotten around to taking the photos I'd use for it, so here I am. I hope everything's still intact by the time I leave Hattie's blog. I'm a klutz, i fear, virtual or otherwise. :)

Anyway, I thought I'd share something about myself. I'm from La Union, one of the northern provinces in the Philippines known for its agricultural lands and fishing and farming industry. I live just across the beach, which is great during the summer season and generally sunny days but not when there are strong typhoons and earthquakes.

I started blogging way back 2004 but have gotten into personal style blogging late 2009. I drifted from one personal style blog to another until I decided to put up My Peach Days, my permanent virtual style blogging place (I hope!).

I usually gravitate towards romantic, vintage-style clothes and accessories although there are some days when I am in the mood for edgier styles. I also like Asian style fashion (oversized tops, big hair buns) particularly on my lazy days. I get most of my clothes from thrift shops which really saves me a lot of money and gets me the clothes I really want. In fact, I am an advocate of thrift shopping. haha!

Aside from fashion, you'd usually catch me going on and on about TV series, Asian dramas, anime and books. I'm currently in the process of collecting George R.R. Martin books.

So there. Hope you didn't get bored. If you ever want to read more of my posts, simply hop on to My Peach Days blog. You can see my blog button on Hattie's blog sidebar. ^__^

Thanks Hattie for letting me introduce myself to your blog readers and thank you dear readers for your time! 

Much love, 
Kathy <3