i like to wear ice cream cones April 13 2012

Dress/skirt: urban outfitters
Shoes: Thrifted
Tights: Winners
Necklace: Hattitude Jewels
rings: flea market and spanks clothing (fox ring, isn't it adorable!)
Belt: My mom's
Cardigan: Exopsure, Vancouver

How this outfit came to be Hattified: I started with the patterned cardigan, doesn't it look like little ice cream cones? Then paired it with the next thing in my closet that matched. The accordion skirt is the perfect colour. The two different textures of the shirt/dress and tights make up the other two patterns in my 'rule of three' that i've been following as of late. 

Why this outfit works: The cardigan matches the skirt, with the patterned tights all in the same colour palette. This is key when mixing patterns. 

Another version: Lose the belt and replace it with a light beige colour. Ditch the tights and opt for bare legs to bring the outfit more neutral. Pair with flat shoes. 

Last night we went to an italian restaurant. Isn't date night your favourite night of the week? Our food was so delicious. I'm going to miss living in Vancouver (9 days till ontario) eating out whenever we wish, with every food ethnicity at our finger tips (although my pants are probably going to like it more).

What are your weekend plans? It's getting so nice out, all the flowers and cherry blossoms are blooming. The city is becoming just stunning. Walking along the beach is a must for this weekend. If you get to wearing your Hattitude this weekend, send me a photo! I'd love to see you wearing it.