a bit of flare April 12 2012

Sweater dress: Swapped from cousin
Blouse: Winners
Jacket: Winners
Cardigan: Hannah's Closet, Erin, Ontario
Necklace: Hattitude jewellery 
Bracelets: Hattitude jewellery, Barbados, Tofino
Hat: Aldo Accessories
Shoes: Vintage, Guelph, Ontario

How this outfit came to be Hattified: I started with this hat. My wardrobe selection out in Vancouver is a little sparse when it comes to pairing something with this hat. I took the blouse next, but to Hattify this outfit, it needed a few more layers. I added a tank and a sweater dress. I wore navy tights to match the tank. It just was not enough, so I threw on my Hattitude dream catcher necklace to finish off the outfit. 

Why this outfit works: The tank and tights match, the colour pallet is all within the same family. The grey blazer pulls everything together.

Another version: Try it with just the sweater dress and a plain brown or navy cardigan. 

What better way to spend your typical, rainy, west coast, day then going shopping? Spring clothing shopping might be my favourite time of year. Silks textures, sail boat patterns, bird patterns, cat patterns, so many original patterns to chose from this season! 

Another perk of a typical, rainy, west coast, day, seeing a band you really like in a local vancouver clothing store. 
Yesterday we were in a clothing store and 6 guys walk in, all with New Zealand accents. We overheard that they were in a band from NZ. The Black Seeds, being the only band I knew from NZ came to mind, but they are so obscure I didn't really think it could be them. We started googling their band, trying to figure out if it was them. In the end, turns out... they were the black seeds, they were total cutie pututies, they were super nice and they were playing at a venue in Vancouver last night. :)