Off to Tofino April 04 2012

I am off to Tofino this morning with my family who are visiting from Ontario! 
I cannot wait to see Tofino and the cathedral forests. I have heard so much about these ginormous trees! 

In the meantime please excuse my lack of outfit posts. I promise i'll have some gems for you when I get back (my mama is here so we'll be shopping up a storm in kits, and Granville st.) 
Any suggestions for some lovely haunts I would love to hear them. 

I went to a book store that was having a closing sale. I scored a few fiction books, (finished half blood blues, and on to The origins of species)  and a couple DIY books. One was about salvaging antiques and refurbishing odds and ends (can't wait to delve into this one come the summer time with flea markets). The other book I got, which I cannot wait to get home to my fabric trunk and start creating from is a DIY fashion book. 
I love reading all the other blogs and seeing their 'do it yourself,' but it will be nice to have some ideas situated in one book. 

It's suppose to be sunny here in Vancouver this week, hope Spring has come to where ever you are. The flowers are just EVERYWHERE out here my mother cannot stop exclaiming over them. 
Here's to hoping to good weather for the island adventures.