Sugar and Spice and patterned tights March 24 2012

Jacket: Vancouver Blogger Meet up Sale 
Dress: Thrifted and altered, Bolton, Chez Thrift
Scarf: Thrfited
Rings: Gifts/ thrifted
Earrings: Hattitude
Bracelets: Hattitude/ Gifted

How this outfit came to be Hattified: I got this wicked jacket at the blogger sale at the Waldrof hotel last weekend and had yet to wear it. Are the shoulder poofs not amazing? ha 
The sun was shining today and I thought it'd be a perfect day for a light blazer. I started with the blazer and wanted a bold contrast. I took the dark blazer and paired it with a light dress, with black tights and came up with this effect. It was still missing that Hattified edge so I threw on a matching headscarf. Eh voila. 

Why this outfit works: This outfit works, because it has the 3 patterns. My tights have a slight pattern to them (not totally out there) my dress has a simple pattern on it, and my head scarf has a simple pattern to it. All of these colours and patterns could be mistaken from far away for just a black and white outfit.

Another version: Ditch the headscarf. 

I joined Chictopia this morning...still trying to figure it all out! Any tips would be so helpful. You can find me by Clicking here, Chictopia
Yesterday was a gorgeous day in Vancouver. This weekend it's suppose to be 12 degrees and sunny. I know you can't trust the weather man out here, but it'll be nice if that comes true, nothing like Ontario weather they've been getting back home, but it's a start to Spring weather in Van city. 

Walking down to the English Bay Beach, searching for driftwood, eating marble slab ice cream, with the sun set reflecting off the water, has become my favourite past time. What a life eh?