University of British ColumbiA March 16 2012

My friend Carly arrived! We trudged all around UBC yesterday. It was glorious. We went to the botanical gardens...we think we might have missed something, or maybe it was the season we went in? We were just not quite too sure what all the hype was about. We also went to Wreck Beach, which was gorgeous. I'll post photos tomorrow.

It's funny walking around Vancouver with Carly and Tristan. I went to high school with both of them but was not friends with either of them. We went to a high school with 2000 people. I just did not know either of them back then. It's funny to think about going back in time 10 years ago, and telling my old self while walking down the halls of my school "see that guy, the one leaning against the lockers, you're going to be dating that guy in 10 years and see that girl, dancing down the hall, she's going to become one of your closest friends in 10 years" tell myself that one day I would be sitting around my dinner table IN VANCOUVER no less, with those two strangers back in high school, is nuts! I hope everyone else had a lovely day. The weather held out for us and it was so gorgeous and sunny :)