a preeeettty bow March 15 2012

Boots: Online Gift
Tights: Joe Fresh
Skirt/Dress: Thrifted, Bolton, Chez Thrift
Top: Thrifted, Victoria
Bow: Guelph, On the Verge (clip)
Bracelets: Hattitude Jewellery 

How this outfit came to be Hattified: I wanted to wear this sweet little dress, so I started with it. Next I had to funk it up a lot (since I'm not in to looking like a 5 year old). I added the leopard print tights and the stripped shirt. I clipped on the bow as the piece de resistance. I liked it better off to the side then in the middle. I'm not total man repeller yet. The boots were just the perfect touch to compliment the clip on bow.

Why this outfit works: This outfit works because the stripped shirt has an elastic cropped part at the bottom of the shirt that brings the dress in. I like that it defines my waist and breaks up the outfit as if it really is a skirt I'm wearing instead of a dress. I did not wear any Hattitude on my neck since I thought with the bow and a necklace it would be too much. I used the rule of three in this outfit. My tights, my skirt and shirt are all patterned, but very slight. I am really diggin' the pattern on pattern look this spring (be careful with pattern on pattern though, not to over power each other)

Another version: Try it with just plain grey tights, and plain grey top. Or try it with a pink sheer blouse over top and some grey tights on the bottom with black ankle booties. 

If you haven't checked out my fellow blogger friend's button on the left hand side, go click it. Ana has an online shop and a pretty sweet blog. Make sure to check out her blog. Yesterday she was wearing a crazy awesome flowy skirt. Check her out. Click it. Just go on...click it.
My friend Carly is visiting from Ontario. So far it has rained, rained and more rain. I took these outfit posts on the weekend before she got here. We are off to the science world today, and the aquarium. Whytecliff Park is on the agenda tomorrow. Suppose to be, bee-eh-utiful. Have a lovely (hopefully sunshiny) day.