flapper girl at heart... March 10 2012

curly hair down...a rarity
Sweater: Bootlegger
Blouse/Shirt: Thrifted, Bolton, Chez Thrift
LEggings: Winners
Shoes: Thrifted, Toronto, CTS, Canadian Thrift Store
Jewellery: Gift and Hattitude Jewellery 

How this outfit came to be Hattified: Because even a comfy outfit has to have a bit of flare, right? It was rainy out, but I still wanted to be springy, so I just threw on some tights with one of my favourite thrifted collared floral blouses. I love mustard so the sweater was a no brainer, and complimented the colours in the blouse. Then of course, Hattitude, Hattitude...and a little more Hattitude. Just layerin' on the jewels. I skipped the rings, and bracelets today, even though they are normally an essential for any outfit.

Perhaps the best thing about this outfit though, is the umbrella! Have you seen this baby? It's a 1920's original umbrella with bake light as the handle (mouth drop open in shock). For my 24th birthday last year, my wooonderful boyfriend (swoon) went to an antique market and found the perfect umbrella for me. It was the best gift since we were moving to Vancouver (the rainiest place on the west coast) and it's from my favourite era, the twenties. I'm a flapper girl at heart. 

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