i like the way you.... March 09 2012

wear your sweater off your shoulders...

Tights: American Apparel 
Dress (worn as skirt): Winners
Shirts: Winners
Cardigan: H and M 
Shoes: Shoepper, Orangeville 
Watch: Vintage from pawn shop, Toronto
Jewellery: Valentines day gift, and Hattitude Jewellery, check out the new goods here

How this outfit came to be Hattified: I love this dress. But I've worn it so much I needed to punch it up, or I run the risk of getting bored with it. What makes an outfit more interesting? Coloured tights. Still was not enough for me. I've seen that dress pattern too many times, but I though it'd be real cute as a skirt. I threw on a lace/vintage inspired looking top over the dress. Voila. Coloured tights, and lace neutral top (to give it more texture as well as another pattern the stripes). This outfit now had the Hattified look it needed. 

Why this outfit works: This outfit works because again of the rule of three. I left out a hair peice today because it would have been too much. My tights are bright, my dress is star patterned, and my lace shirt has stripes going though it, but is a neutral shirt (3 different combos, combining together to make an awesome Hattified look.) Anything more would have made me look clownish I think, but this just gives it enough of a Hattified look. 

A different version: Try ditching the coloured tights, and just wear a brown (very slight patterned) bottom for your tights. If you really want to go simple, you can wear brown knee high boots, and ditch the lace shirt and just wear the dress on it's own. Make sure to put on a brown or navy belt with it. Accessories are key! Don't forget your Hattitude necklace. No outfit is complete without one ;) 

If your looking for a great date night and are in Kitsilano, BC (for most of my readers that will not happen ha) but if you happen to stumble there one day, make sure to check out Scoops. It is a great little frozen yogurt place, thats a hole in the wall type of place, with board games in the back area. You get your favourite kind of yogurt and put any topping you want on. I got gummy bears, chocolate chip cookies, and hot chocolate sauce, sprinkled all over my frozen yogurt, and then you play board games for a couple hours in the back cafe area. We played Guess Who, where I royally got my butt kicked. I had forgotten what an awesome game for two that is! My favourite thing in the world to do, is play boardgames. We just stumbled upon this place as we were walking home from sushi. I love those unexpected fun nights when you find a real gem of a place.