Stink for the Arctic February 25 2012

Have you seen these strange and wondrous beasts

Tristan was reading BLURT magazine the other night and stumbled upon these majestic creatures. 
Check out the website, by clicking here...apparently even Kate Moss and her 9 year old daughter are sporting the spirit hoods. At 125 bucks a pop, I guess that's what's slowing people down from knocking down the door to get these gems 

The company seems to be doing great things for the environment though (all faux fur). Very socially active. So if this hat/scarf floats your boat, you should get one! They are kind of rockin'...and the company does real good by the's a win win. right?
They had this up on their website. Stink for the Arctic. Catchy. I like it. Maybe I'll skip the gym tomorrow. I'll be participating. Will you?