a weekend rivalry February 21 2012 1 Comment

start to the day...the last four days straight...

Can you tell my boyfriend is a Leafs fan and is trying to convert me? I've been to two leafs games this year. Ask me how many Leafs games I had been to before I met him? None.
Toronto was much more hospitable when we went to the game there, versus in Vancouver on the weekend. The Canucks fans are vicious...and a tad rude, when not donning the Canucks jersey.
I zipped my jacket up to the tippy top walking home, and held on tight to Tristan. Yes I was
quite intimidated of the crowds and streets of Vancouver, for the first time since I have started living here a month ago. I can see why they rioted over the cup loss last year...Vancouverites are sure passionate about their hockey.