a sweet heart story February 12 2012

Here's the first story in the sweet heart challenge. Thanks for your jaw dropping story Alex. Tom is a real gem!

I'd known disastrous relationships with selfish men, frightened men, and down right crazy men. About the time when I met Tom Parker I think something in the universe decided to give me a good break for a change. And I don't mean to make it sound like Tom Parker appeared to me out of a shiny cloud. I think I just had sifted through a few boys and so I knew a little better. In short, I'd learned from my mistakes. But make no mistake. The day I caught his eye was the day I really hit the lottery.

It was one Halloween. I'd taken up mandolin on my last break up, and decided I needed to see someone play the mandolin in person. I was not seeking out romance. I went to Toronto's cool Bastien of music, The Cameron House, to hear a country band. Lo and Behold there was Tom Parker dressed in a ridiculous wig and playing mandolin. He sat down next to me and we hit it off, talking about music, and life. I liked him, even in his ridiculous wig and glasses to say nothing of the suit.

Not long after that sparks began to fly, tentatively on my part because I'd just gotten out of a relationship, but Parker played it patient. 

And speaking of patience, or should I say "patients"... I knew he was the real McCoy when he showed up with magazines, music and a boom box for me on an admission I had to hospital for a lung infection. The fact that I had CF (cystic Fibrosis, a gentic disease affecting mainly the lungs) didn't seem to scare him (a welcome change from the first boyfriend who broke my heart and said he "loved me too much to watch me die from CF". I should like to point out that that boyfriend is himself no longer among the living. Sometimes, it's best to follow your heart, if not always easy.) Anyhow, here strutted Tom Parker into the St Mikes hospital ward in his cowboy boots and big grin. My parents were sitting outside my room and Dad apparently said to Mom, "Who's the DUDE in the (cowboy) HAT?" with raised eyebrows. 

Well, that "dude" impressed me. It impressed me that I looked horrible and he still came calling and taking me to dinner. For a self professed "tom-cat", he sure courted me romantically. We had long romantic dates planned around IV doses and physiotherapy. We took great trips together where I really felt alive, kicked our heels up, and fell deeply deeply in love over mandolin lessons, country croonin' together, & a general joix de vivre. The first time he kissed me I was shocked at his cockiness... then I came to love his very honest characteristics. The only dishonest thing he ever did was to steal one of my rings from my jewelry box after we'd moved in... He used it to propose to me one night at our favorite restaurant in a total stunner of a proposal... just before dessert, I'd gone to wash up, and when I got back he told me he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. "My ring!" I cried, and grabbed it from him and slid it on in complete agreement that yes, this man is who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. (Knowing that I have an allergy to certain metals he didn't want to surprise me with a ring that would turn me green, hence the ring -theft. We later chose out an amazing ring together. We make big decisions as a team) It's ridiculous. He saw Alex where other people see "sick girl", or "jazz singer." He loves me for who I am, he is the kindest and bravest person I've ever met (marrying someone who you know faces terrific odds at survival is not for the weak.) He is my best friend. In all our passionate years together we only ever spat about silly stuff like who snored, or if we'll have pasta or order in a pizza. Isn't that great? He is a man. He is not perfect, but he is perfectly wonderful to me. It is an great gift to be with such a solid wonderful playful intelligent and expressive guy. I'm gonna kiss him the second he walks in the room!

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