christmas break memories... February 09 2012

some things I've noticed about vancouver city

1. Starbucks Heaven (or hell, depending if you're a coffee drinker or not). There is a Starbucks (and yes spell check made me put a capital 'S' on starbucks or it said it was spelt wrong!...I fear starbucks may one day take over the world) on every street corner, and two in between those street corners! sacre bleu!

2. Parking facade. They have the old fashioned parking meters...very retro my kind of city, no?

3. No mustard tights. Woe is me. It does not have any mustard tights to be found...I keep searching, the city keeps failing me. I go out again today and hope to have luck!
My camera memory card decided to stop working on me. I have to go get it fixed today. So I leave you with some old christmas break memories. We were lucky enough to get a gift from Tristan's parents taking us all skiing at Hockley resort.
Tristan's sister's, boyfriend's and nephews
the littlest one. he's hilarious already, at the age of 3

end of the day belly yell