that time I went to Victoria... February 08 2012

A beach we drove an hour 1/2 to get to, to go surfing
beautiful drift wood, with bull kelp seaweed

'underground' surfing competition in China Beach
I chickened out going surfing (on the account that I did not want to get hyperthermia)...maybe i'll try again in Tofino. This is Tristan and John getting ready to ride some waves, wild styles. 
dog fights 24/7 on this China Beach, surfing competition commences. We felt out of place...dogless. Everyone had a puppy. Where's Beau when you need her eh? ha
some of the surfer dudes and dudettes 
the hostel we stayed at. Really funky decorated and clean inside...the inhabitants inside not so much. 
yes...that is sprouts and flowers. Spring is here. 
I liked this couple sitting in the grass in front of this magnificent church. Where's waldo? Romance at it's finest. 
cat. i miss BeauBeau.