Gastown February 01 2012

a grey day in vancouver in the evening. I don't even mind the rain, it's kind of warm and I'm just so ecstatic to be walking everywhere 
I like how Vancouver leaves their holiday twinkle lights up in to february. It makes the city so pretty 
I love Vancouver for this reason. What city has a community garden RIGHT in the heart of the city? probably not toronto. 
a wicked hotel. I am throughly impressed with all the beautifully done up hotels in Van city
the city loves their clocks 
I think Gastown is my favourite part of the city so far

the famous steam clock...someone told us it's the most photographed clock in the world...what about big ben?
Gastown night lights
a restaurant  
a wicked irish pub, live music for me, hockey for Tristan...winning. 

the view from our balcony. The first sunny day we've had. 
the ocean. Stunner. 
360 degree view
everything one would need to survive in the city
Walked around for 4 + hours yesterday. My calves and little feet are so sore today. I'm not used to all this walking, but it sure is much better then being a country bumpkin and all that driving and snow.
I went to the best vintage store yesterday, House of Vintage. If you get the chance and reside in Calgary and/or Toronto, check it out. I've never gone in and come back out without some wonderful treasure. It's a little more expensive, because they do the dirty work for you, and everything is buyable in the store, but trust me, it's well worth the extra cash for the unique treasures you get.

Sun Sun Sun. Today I can see the sun reflecting off the buildings and the ocean is sparkling with the mountains in clear view. Today is the first real sunny day we've had. Therefore it must be taken full advantage of. On the agenda for today; walking the sea wall and Stanley Park. So far Gastown is my favourite place we've ventured outside our initial apartment street bubble.
Next stop Victoria this weekend  for the film festival :)