shopping for veggies...who knew January 29 2012

Arrived in Vancouver last night. A bumpy ride, but no crying babies. 
A shocked me when we came from the airport in the taxi to the apartment building,"but why are the lights floating in mid air?" "they're mountains hattie" AWESOME
Woke up this morning, with the weather being grey and a little rain. 
Today two hours spent walking around the City, lunch at a hamburger joint, shopping for fresh veggies.
Who knew shopping for veggies could bring so much joy? $0.93 cents for 4 tomatoes! So cheap and fresh. 
I was a little worried about the whole cheese situation. I heard a rumour that almost scared me out of coming to van city that Cheese was hard to come by for under 20 bucks for a block. HUGE fan of cheese. False rumour. 
The Cheese rumour must be a way to keep the Torontonians out of Van city for all us Cheese lovers.