NYE 2012 January 02 2012

Happy New Years everyone! Recovered from your evening out on the town? NYE for us, started out with Karaoke at my brothers, then Pizza. Yum. It ended with a house party downtown and champagne.

Here's to 2012 being amazing! Tristan and I move to Vancouver in 16 days....yikes! Ask me if I've started packing? That would be a Negative
How does one pack for 4 months? 
That is two seasons...One suitcase...and a very worried fashionista. Tips? Advice? Lay them on me

In the mean time, I'm getting ready for one final show at the Woman Wine and Welness event in Bolton at Glen eagle. Check it out by clicking here, on January 12th before I head out west. Busy Bumble Bee.

How did you spend your NYE? Did you sport Hattitude? Send in a photo for the blog 
hattitude (at) live.com , or tweet me a photo of you wearing Hattitude jewellery @hattitudejewels