cheerio darling November 21 2011

Hat: Vintage, Cabaret on Queen
Watch: Pawn shop 
Rings: Same pawn shop
Belt: Mothers
Dress: Clothing Swap (caitlins?) 
Bracelets and Necklace: Hattitude Jewellery

Top of the morning darlings (for some reason this hat makes me want to speak British, proper and have a horse?) 

I saw Lykke Li, she's gone a little too dark for me on stage, but to my greatest surprise First Aid Kit was her opener. Have you heard of First Aid Kit? They are a mix of country, folk, pop music. They're two beautiful swedish girls. They put on such a good performance and were just loving being up there. Maybe I was just loving seeing them? I think I'm a concert junkie? They're one of my favourite bands, and I was completely left in the dark that they were the openers for Lykke so what a grand surprise. I have to say I think it's one of the greatest feelings in the world when you walk in to a concert and one of your favourite bands is the opener! 

If your looking for something to do this weekend and want to support a local artist come to my Jewellery show (November 26th and 27th at my home) and get some gifts for under the tree, drink some cider and eat some cookies. Check out some of my collections online at They are all one of a kind, and TONS will be unveiled at the saturday and sunday show!

I've been in the studio working all weekend. Here's a quick little photo, sorry it was taken on my phone, of one of the latest pieces! GAH they are all so gorgeous I don't know how I am going to part with them!