don't rain on my parade November 09 2011

Shorts: Zara (brother gave them to me)
Sweater: CTS (canadian thrift store) on queen st.
Belt: My mothers
Shoes: Winners (steve madden)
Socks: Shoepper (orangeville)
Necklace: Hattitude (is there any other kind?)

Yes those are knee socks and yes i broke those babies out. Don't tell me you haven't been thinking about it, with this unusually warm weather we've been having for November! Plus don't they look edgy chic?

Chickita banana's I'm going to see Couer De Pirate (or Peeee raa) as my friend, the recently made french teacher, K made me re pronounce it. I'm extremely school girl giddy (but in all seriousness when am I not school girl giddy?) about friday night. C and C (concert, city) night!

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