You can't just walk out of a drive in...sandy! November 06 2011

Here are my halloween photos! a week later! (sorry) I had a halloween bash. Halloween is my favourite time of year. My boyfriend and I spent about 10 hours decorating the place? It was SPOOKTACULAR. We even had a grave, with a body parts clawing out of the ground as you entered my apartment. 

I went as Sandy. My boyfriend was kind enough to go as Danny...isn't it awesome to have a boyfriend who will dress up as a your danny for you on halloween? He's a keeper

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Christmas time is just around the corner. I'm busily working on my  jewels for a show I am having on November 26th and November 27th. Beside the fashion show in the summer, this will be the place to see, browse, view and purchase some of the new brilliant and bold jewels! Check out my Facebook page for my jewellery. Click here.