do you like pina coladas? May 24 2011

Dress: Chez Thrift (no alterations needed) 
Jacket: Chez Thrift 
Necklace: Vintage 
Earrings: Queen St. 

Do you like pina coladas? And dancing in the rain? I like all of the above.
This dress reminds me of a pina colada. I drank one on the weekend (we thought it was a strawberry margarita...but if you know me at all, I know my margaritas, and that was NO margarita)

This long weekend was awesome. How was yours? I got to spend it in the city with my cousin (who lives too far away in DC for my liking!...although it's a nice vacation destination.) I went to a jay's game (don't ask me who won...I just go for the beer, cheers, and people...we are too far up in the nose bleed seats to see the guys) The weather was beautiful and we spent the day walking around. Weekend was filled with bbq's, summer smells, and designing more jewellery for my weekend show coming up in June! My new line of jewellery will be presented that weekend! Check out the facebook invite by clicking here and viewing some sneak peak photos of my new line of jewellery!