totally lime jello (ous) May 20 2011

Tights: Clothing swap 
Shoes: Winners 
Dress: Thirfted-Chez Thrift 
Belt: Chez Thrift 
Shrug: Fresh Collective on Queen st. 
Purse: Manitoulin Island
Necklace: You've Got Hattitude Jewellery 

I wore this outfit yesterday. Am so glad it has finally stopped raining in Toronto. Blargh. I bought an umbrella, ella, ella at the thrift store for 2 dollars, since for the past week it has felt like we are living in the maritimes.

My parents booked a trip to Newfoundland this week...I'm totally lime jello. Has anyone been there? I've heard its like Ireland, which is my dream trip! I want to go there badly. Hopefully me and a girlfriend are road tripping it out to Newfoundland in September, although with these gas prices, don't count on it! 

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